Runny Race (science)

In 4.5 stone this week we all had to get in groups, one person in my group was not there so it was only Alex and I to do the messy experiment!

We had to use honey, vegetable oil and water and laded a flattened out cardboard box to make a flat surface and ran all the liquids down it and see what liquid touches the ground first.

We had to order what we think was going to come first second and third  I thought it would be Vegetable oil then water and then honey.

But The order that won was Water, Vegetable oil and honey.


Leaf Poem

Lonely Leaf in the swaying wind

Branches falling in the strong wind

No-one to talk to no-one to see

What a lonely leaf I can be

I see my friends come and go

But all I can say is this is my home

The wind becomes stronger

I cant hold on I have to let go of my old old home

I chomp on twig that I hung on and drift to the ground slowly

The cobble ground is rough on my dry back

At least free from my old old home

But like all old leafs they will crumble


anti bulling day

today is the 18/3/2016 and that’s a very respectful day to support the people who get bullied inside and outside of school.

How do I support People?

for a whole week or even more I am going to were a anti bulling day bracelet to show that I want bulling gone for good .

Why am I doing this

I am doing this because I know what the people who our getting bullied feel like It feels back stabbing.

so take a stand with me and make bullying like if it never happened

Sailing day 2

sailing!!! photoOn the 16/3/2016 Epsom Primary Schools grade 3,4,5s and 6’s went to lake Eppalock to do day two of sailing.

we started with the helpers and played 3 games I’ve never played before we played pass the balloon witch was easy you have to pass the balloon but you cant use your hands or feet my trick was to use your elbows but you had to keep your hands on your shoulders!

Then we went to Adam and we finished our activity book and learnt how to tie really cool different types of knots! That can help in life one day

Then we finished off the day with getting in the boats and going sailing on the lake but opps! I almost flipped the boat I went with Brodie and that’s when we almost flipped the boat then got a free swim



Sailing Day 1

On the 15/3/2016 the grade 3,4,5 and 6’s went to lake Eppalock to practice our skills in sailing I was in Mrs.Stone’s group.  we started with a few activity’s with some helpers. We played…           Captain says, Smash the bacon and octopus it was exciting.

Then we went to Adam who let us do a fun activity book with lots of things to help us learn about sailing, he also showed us how to steer a sailing boat that part was funny because he was picking people up!

Then it was the last activity of the day, the sailing part they had small boats that two people can fit into I went with Jemma And lets just say we had a little bit of trouble. I had to keep on jumping out of the boat to push it into the water again and again and again but I needed a little bit of help getting back in 🙂

And that was my day I cant wait until tomorrow where me and all my school mates do it again 🙂

My Playground

my playgroundIn 4’5 stone we’ve  been learning about our simple machines and learning about how they work in real life

So 4’5 stone put our brains to the test and we made our own miniature playground out of art materials.

Before we starting making we had to go deeper into what is a simple machines so our homework was to go to a playground to see what simple machines that playground has.

I did a rock climbing arena